The songs that I have written. LEGAL NOTICE: All songs provided on this site are Copyright (c) Lee Bush, all rights reserved.
Do not redistribute these files on other sites or publish the music in other forms without previous
written permission from the author. This music cannot be used for commercial purposes.

DMTV Intro Theme[about][mp3]Bright techno Piece. Opening theme for "DMTV", a student-run newscast in highschool.
DMTV: Dark Night (v2) [mp3]Written for high school "DMTV" show's holloween special episode.
For Those Who Listen  Newage piano song.
Horror in E-minor [mp3]Short String Quartet piece.
Duet for Two Unusual Flautists  Flute duet. Contains three movements.
Bongo!  Drum piece that contains layered rhythms that loop at different non-aligned intervals.
Dance with Me  Catchy, happy techno piece.
Shadow of a Ballet Dancer  Piano piece. Some themes in it are partly inspired by Hugarian Gypsy music.
Chandelier Storm [mp3]Smooth techno piece.
7 Habbits  Song for highschool English project.
E-E-E-O  Dark choir piece
Electrolytes  Techno piece for high school chemistry project
Enchilada!  Fast, dark hardcore techno piece with silly lyrics
Gothic Seranade  Rock/techno love ballad
HappyLand  Bright, fast techno song.
Data Overflow  Smooth techno song.
Ice Coma  Slow, dark piece with synth strings and distored synths. Meant as an introduction piece my song "Survive"
Survive  Dark, fast industrial piece.
Maybe I Was Wrong  Dark techno/pop piece with female vocals.
Never Forget You [mp3]Techno/pop song with female vocals.

Sorry, this recording is not that good. The singer (Miriam Pope) has a great voice but is a little flat in this particular recording... She was SIGHTREADING during this March 2000 recording!!

Prelude for Choir in B-minor  Piece for choir with snare drum accompanyment.
Rave 135 [mp3]Techno song. Despite the fact that this song contains little talent and only one musical note, I have received many compliments on this song.
T.I.O. Fanfare  Short fanfare piece for full orchestra.
Dark Circus  For "El Hombre de los Canales" video sound track.
Quick Rejection  For "El Hombre de los Canales" video sound track.
Ron, the Monster  For "El Hombre de los Canales" video sound track.
Ron, the Monster, Attacks  For "El Hombre de los Canales" video sound track.
Nima and No Survivors  For "El Hombre de los Canales" video sound track.
1000  For "El Hombre de los Canales" video sound track.
Main Theme  For "Poles" cartoon short sound track.
First Plop  For "Poles" cartoon short sound track.
Mocking Bird  For "Poles" cartoon short soundtrack.
Mariachi 1  For "Poles" cartoon short soundtrack.
Early Eyes  Short piece for keyboard in 7/8 time.
High Above [mp3]For videogame sound track.
Into the Jungle  For videogame sound track.
Underground  For videogame sound track.
Ice and Colder  For videogame sound track.

I have only added pieces that I consider complete or "complete enough" to the list above. I will add more pieces to the list as I consider them finished.